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Second Thermo Vacuum for our Belgian customer. The signals from the market for heat treatment are decreeing its great success.
Thermo Vacuum arrives in Spain with this oven with a nominal capacity of 25 cubic meters.
Second dryer for our Polish customer; the results obtained with the first unit led to this second supply for the drying of oak lamellas.
A vacuum dryer for firewood.
First Thermo Vacuum plant for Estonia.
The TVS SQUARE 70 Thermo Vacuum system: the largest vacuum kiln for high temperature wood treatment ever built.
WDE MASPELL launches a new range of products: wood steamers. The first built for Switzerland.
Success continues in Poland. New PRESS L 3.6 for this country.
The new TVS 2500 has been built and tested. This machine is the second that our customer in Belgium bought
New Vacuum Dryer for Poland. The smallest model press XXS will be used as test machine to study the polish wood kinds